Hello, I'm Meredith

I live in Denver, CO with my boyfriend Chase and our pup Honey doodle. I'm a homebody at heart but I love to travel with my camera at my side.

While I live in Denver, I have family scattered throughout Colorado and I travel through the mountains regularly. I like to hike, bike, swim, run and spend nights under the stars with good music and a fire pit (a Moscow mule wouldn’t hurt either).


When you know you know.

I got my first digital camera in middle school. It was a little red Samsung point and shoot. I would play dress up with my sisters in the backyard and pose them for new MySpace profile pics. This was hands down my favorite thing to do. I would postpone homework and dinner to catch that golden light.

Fast forward to today. And I’m still using that powerful little red camera. I’m kidding. The camera’s gotten an upgrade, but my passion’s remained the same.

I love photographing people and the connection between them. There’s something so magical about freezing a moment and capturing someone’s authentic self. You’re the special one, I’m just using my tools and talents to bring out the most beautiful version of you.


If you really want to know... some of my recent addictions include: juicing every fruit under the sun, watching YouTube tutorials and kicking back with my Kindle. My new year’s resolution is to read one book a month, so if you have any suggestions I’m all ears!